In this program, I created my own avatar along with creating a new, made-up holiday to make a holiday greeting card

Avater Greeting Card

This program displays our avatar in a day in a life scene from day to night. We used motion tweens and symbols to make the landscape scene


I recreated on one of my favorite childhood game, the Club Penguin Ice Fishing game. All of the attributes in my project were hand-drawn.

Game Tribute

This a group project where we make a trailer, an interview, and a website for the a new game "Hell Sloths".

Hell Sloths

In this project, I created a tutorial on how to do calligraphy with step by step instructions.


A Mickey Mouse and Friends themed program where you can click on the character buttons and it plays different sounds.

Sound Project

In this project, I made a child's game where it's a Peppa Pig themed hide and seek game.

Child's Game

A hot potato themed ping pong game where the two players are controlled by AI.

Ping Pong

In this project, the player is controlling a submarine under the sea with the arrow keys. There are different colored fish that are controlled by AI.


This program is a space simulation where you can add spaceships, astronauts, and asteroids. This simulation emulates zero gravity.

Space Odyssey

This is my final project where I did a tribute/spin off of the game "Bomb It" called You Da Bomb. Click the "How To" button to learn more about the game

You Da Bomb!

How To
  • Learning Goals

    My goals for this year are to improve the quality of my projects with each new project and increase the efficiency and creativity of my projects.
  • Future Goals

    My goals for the future are to get into a well ranked college then pursue a career in nursing. I would also want to apply the knowledge I have gained from GITA outside of high school